I am homeless because ...

The path out of homelessness often starts with one simple question: what happened—why are you homeless?
For Ebony, a 22-year old college student and resident of Susan’s Place, our shelter for women in the Bronx, answering that question was both liberating and empowering. “I am homeless because when I moved back to NYC from California to take care of my Mom who is sick, I was under the assumption my Section 8 housing voucher was transferable.”

Ebony is not alone. The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports 10% of all homeless people in the United States were 18-24 years old. 

Four months ago, Ebony moved in Susan’s Place, where she says: “I don’t feel like a number, I got my humanity back.” Working with a Care for the Homeless housing liaison, just this week, Ebony has gone on several housing interviews, and she received word that she will be moving into an apartment soon.

Care for the Homeless is helping Ebony and others like her focus and visualize their goals while preparing them to enter the competitive affordable housing market.  

Sharon Bowie, a community housing liaison at Susan’s Place, explains: “We want to place our clients into housing and make sure it is a sustainable environment so that they don’t return to the shelter system. Susan’s Place is a one-stop shop for clients to get all of the help they need for a stable future.”  

Find out how you can be involved in helping clients like Ebony at www.careforthehomeless.org by volunteering your time, making a donation and becoming an advocate. 

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