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Fighting Homelessness from Coast to Coast

Most college students spend their spring break resting, catching up on assignments, or yes, even partying. This year, a group of students from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles chose to do an alternative spring break in New York where they volunteered with Care for the Homeless (CFH). If you are not familiar with alternative spring breaks, it is fairly self-explanatory: they are breaks schools offer to students that have a service or charitable focus.What is particularly impressive about this group is that this is the second year that students from USC have travelled across the country to volunteer with CFH.Both trips were organized by student coordinator, Mohamed El-Farra—his second year organizing and participating in the trip—an undergraduate student who will graduate this spring with both a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and a Master’s degree in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.
Mohamed learned of CFH several years a…

In the End, We Are All Humans, Not Objects

The Iona Preparatory Human Rights Club is a group of high school students working for solidarity with those that live in poverty in our world. Several were touched after watching a public service video of people on the streets in Norway giving their coat to a child who had lost his. A discussion followed and the idea of helping individuals experiencing homelessness in New York was born. For one week, donations were collected at lunch, in exchange for a blue solidarity wristband, and the funds paid for warm socks and blankets. Christine Chana, a teacher at the school and the Club’s co-moderator, contacted Care for the Homeless (CFH) about distributing the items and arrangements were made for the students to visit the Living Room and the Pyramid. Both are safe havens, defined as temporary residences for individuals experiencing homelessness. Located in the South Bronx, both facilities are operated by long-time CFH partner, BronxWorks. The Living Room houses a CFH health center where res…

Made With Love

There are numerous ways someone can give back to their community. You can donate money, participate in food drives, or even sponsor an event—all of which are greatly appreciated! Sylvia, a former resident of Susan’s Place, chooses to give back in her own special way. Every Friday and Sunday, she returns to a place she once called home to host “Sylvia’s Circle,” a crochet group held at Susan’s Place.
Sylvia started crochet knitting when she was a young girl. She says it was always a “soothing” experience for her and she wanted to share that feeling with her friends at Susan’s Place. In November 2017, she began teaching some of the friends she made at Susan’s Place, how to crochet in the shelter’s living room. Those same friends later encouraged Sylvia to start a crochet group for all the residents at Susan’s Place to enjoy. Sylvia was reluctant at first, but after two months of persuading, she started “Sylvia’s Circle” the following January. Last month, Sylvia was thrilled to have reconn…