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Download the 2013 Winter Drive Poster - you can help keep homeless New Yorkers healthy and warm this winter.

Help keep homeless New Yorkers healthy and warm this winter.

Share the warmth and donate to the Care for the Homeless Winter Drive. Interested in organizing a collection drive? Download the 2013 Winter Drive Poster here or call the Development Office at (212) 366-4459 ext. 202 to learn more.

Thank you for making a difference for homeless individuals and families this winter.

We're homeless, but we're not hopeless.


Volunteer for the Great American Smokeout


Let's Treat Housing as a Health Care Issue


My being here is the first step to getting an apartment.

Meet Maria.

A single mom living in a New York City homeless shelter, Maria says: "I'm here because of my kids."

"My being here is the first step to getting an apartment," she continues. "Once I'm back on my feet, I can work on getting my kids back."

Getting back on her feet isn't easy.

For homeless New Yorkers like Maria, finding full-time employment with a living wage is next to impossible. Over 44% of homeless persons are employed. As the New York Timesreported on September 17th, having a job, or 2, doesn't mean having a home. (Read our published Letter to the Editor response here.)

"Work is challenging," says Maria. "I get $7.50 an hour, and it's part-time. Right now, I'm limited to 13 hours a week, but soon, I'm hoping to get 25 hours a week. I save 60% of my income right now while I'm in the shelter, but at this rate, it's going to take a long time before I can save enough to move to an apartment.&qu…

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I hit rock bottom. Care for the Homeless saved my life.

Did you miss Care for the Homeless on AM 1600 WWRL this past Sunday?
Care for the Homeless client leader David Broxton and Policy Director Jeff Foreman were featured on WWRL's Voices of Human Services radio show on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Invited to discuss our recent successful voter registration drive, David also shared his personal story of he overcome homelessness. "I had hit rock bottom. Care for the Homeless saved my life. Today, I'm living on the corner of good health and happiness."

Did you miss the show? Want to listen to the interview again? Check out the podcast here (interview starts at 33:36). We thank the Human Services Council and AM 1600 WWRL for featuring Care for the Homeless.

New York: Two Cities? Care for the Homeless in the NYT

Letter to the Editor by Jeff Foreman, Director of Policy
New York: Two Cities? An argument rages about whether New York is "two cities," with half just getting by as income inequality explodes with the arrival of multimillionaires. Who seriously questions our growing poverty or that many struggle just to get by? 
We can combat inequality through investment in affordable housing, including for very low income families, supportive housing for those who need it, and other progressive policies.  Read the entire Letter to the Editor published October 2, 2013 in the New York Times and the news article that prompted Care for the Homeless' response.[Read more]
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Safety Net Programs Face Crisis in Washington