Today's Read: Care for the Homeless featured in Metro New York Story on Guide for NYC's Next Mayor

As you got on, or off, the subway today you may have seen it in the Metro New York: an article about the coalition of advocates Care for the Homeless helped organize and our efforts to make ending homelessness central issues in this year’s Mayoral campaign. 

If you did you probably noticed the larger, bolder paragraph quoting Care for the Homeless' Executive Director:

                “Poor policy choices helped create modern-day homelessness, 
and better public policy can end it."
 --Bobby Watts, Executive Director of Care for the Homeless

Here’s a link to the whole Metro story:

2013 United to End Homelessness Rally

And this is a link to the United to End Homelessness “Roadmap to End Homelessness” – a
well-researched briefing book on the platform Care for the Homeless and 130 organizations have endorsed to help fight, prevent and over time end homelessness as we know it in New York City.

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