Hundreds gather at National Health Care for the Homeless Conference

Representatives from Care for the Homeless join hundreds of fellow leaders from around the country this week at the 2014 National Health Care for the Homeless Homeless Conference in New Orleans.

This annual gathering features workshops and research presentations on successful programs from around the country. Several Care for the Homeless leaders are sharing presentations this week, including:

Workshop Title: Improving Health Care Outcomes through Outreach, Engagement and Linkages to Care
Presenters: Lesley Moody, Gillian Saunders, Gabrila Gonzalez

Workshop: Integrated Care Model for Homeless Mothers with Depression: an Intervention in Family Shelter Clinics in NYC
Presenters: Debbian Fletcher-Blake, Benigno Rodriguez, along with Linda Weinreb

Workshop: Engaging Homeless Youth in Services
Facilitator: Debbian Fletcher-Blake 

Presidents' Breakfast -- Sustaining Employee Morale during Challenging Times
Presenters: Bobby Watts, Jean Hochron and Nic Apostoleris

Workshop: Advocating for Ourselves, Creating a Client Speakers' Bureau 
Presenters: Jeff Foreman, William Bryant, Anthony Williams, David Broxton

Your generous support makes all our programs possible, and because of you, our leaders are now sharing these successful programs with hundreds of colleagues from around the country. Thank you for making a difference here in NYC and across the country. Care for the Homeless is a founding member of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, one of the original 19 Health Care for the Homeless projects in the U.S. 

The Conference runs through Friday, May 30. Follow what's happening in real-time on social media, using the hash tag #hchnola.

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