"We can end homelessness" - Advocacy in action

The rally brought together more than 200 supporters,
advocating for the rights of homeless men, women &
children in New York City.
As one of the founding organizations, Care for the Homeless helped launch a new advocacy group Tuesday on the steps of New York City Hall. It’s called “United to End Homelessness” and the rally drew more than 200 supporters, according to UEH organizers, promoting solutions to the city’s homelessness crisis and asking that every Mayoral and City Council candidate in 2013 learn about homelessness and take a stand on what policies they’ll support to end it.

The rally at City Hall represents thousands of advocates associated with 119 organizations that have now endorsed the United to End Homelessness platform. As a founder and coordinating committee member for the new, nonpartisan, advocacy coalition, Care for the Homeless was well represented at the rally. One of the 5 featured speakers at the rally was a Care for the Homeless client, Philip J. Malebranche, who told the advocates that “homelessness is a form of incarceration, imprisoning good people who fall on hard times, often through no fault of their own, and robbing people of dignity.”

On the launching of United to End Homelessness, Care for the Homeless Executive Director Bobby Watts said “We can end homelessness. Policy choices that were made resulted in this crisis, and better public and social policy can get us out of it, spare needless human suffering, better serve our communities and save significant tax dollars.”

Care for the Homeless was represented by 14 people, including 6 CFH staffers, 6 clients, 1 Board member and a volunteer. The group is now trying to meet with candidates to give them the UEH platform and talk with them about supporting adequate services for homeless people, more supportive and affordable housing for very-low-income people and investing in programs to prevent homelessness.

That’s what Care for the Homeless advocates for, too.

United to End Homelessness Launch from Coalition for the Homeless on Vimeo.

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