Health Education emphasizes healthy living

Health Educator Kathy Figueroa 

During National Nutrition Month in March, the Care for the Homeless Health Education team encouraged clients to make healthier food choices through a series of tabling events. Healthy snacks, smoothies and fresh juice samples were offered as a means to introduce clients to the various healthy options available. Educational brochures were distributed and individual counseling sessions were offered to the nearly 200 clients who participated.

In addition to be healthy on the inside, Health Educators emphasized being healthy on the outside as well. Personal Hygiene Workshops were designed to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene among teens so they will be able to identify personal hygiene and sanitation practices and the need to improve or maintain them. The team focused on increasing the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of personal hygiene and sanitation practices and assisted teens in recognizing that the habits of good personal hygiene and sanitation will support good self-esteem. 

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