CFH Welcomes George Nashak

Care for the Homeless (CFH) is pleased to announce the appointment of George Nashak as its Executive Director. Many know Nashak as the current Executive Vice President of HELP USA and the former Deputy Commissioner for Adult Services for the New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS).
George Nashak, new Executive Director at Care for the Homeless

As Executive Vice President of HELP USA, Nashak oversees the operations of the organization’s $100 million portfolio of housing and supportive services for homeless people. Before joining HELP in 2012, he spent eight years at DHS, first as Assistant Commissioner for Housing and Program Planning, working on the New York/New York III Agreement and other permanent housing initiatives for homeless clients. Then, as Deputy Commissioner for Adult Services, he was responsible for the single adult shelter system, street homelessness services, and the re-housing of homeless adults.  Prior to his stint at DHS, Nashak served as Vice President of the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health and directed the Strategic Planning Bureau of the New York City Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Alcoholism Services.

“Mr. Nashak brings tremendous strengths to CFH. His career spans over thirty years of service in government and the nonprofit sector, with the past thirteen years devoted to work with the New York City Homeless population,” said Daniel Baldwin, Chair of CFH’s Board of Directors. “He is a recognized expert in the field of services to homeless individuals and families,” he continued.

Nashak is succeeding CFH’s longest serving executive director, Bobby Watts. Watts devoted 22 years to CFH, 10 of which as executive director. He is now CEO of the National Health Case for the Homeless Council.

Nashak will officially begin his duties on October 16.  Marcia Spector will continue serving as interim executive director through October 20, to ensure a smooth transition.


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