Care for the Homeless Holds Second Speakers’ Bureau Class Where Clients Learn to “Advocate for Themselves”

Care for the Homeless began the Speakers’ Bureau in September 2013 as a program to help homeless and formerly homeless New Yorkers tell their stories and advocate for changes in homeless policy in New York City.  From presentations at universities such as Pratt, John Jay and Mt. Saint Vincent in the Bronx, to elementary school classrooms, to advocacy events and city council hearings, our first class of ‘Certified Advocates’ have told their stories to a wide-variety of New Yorkers, sharing the message that we can end homelessness as we know it.

This past weekend January 17th and 18th saw the second course of Speakers’ Bureau applicants, each a CFH client who has experienced homelessness in New York City,  improve their public speaking and learn about housing policies and advocacy techniques. The program is full of dedicated New Yorkers who want to take a part in calling community leaders to greater action in solving the homeless crisis.

The class was taught by Jeff Foreman, CFH Policy Director and Aaron Brown, a professional public speaking instructor who generously volunteered his time and talents to help bring in the next round of CFH ‘Certified Advocates.’ The speakers went through an intensive 12 hour training to learn how to relate their compelling personal stories to policies to advocate for.

“I’m taking what I learned here back to my community because housing is a human right and I want to let people know that we can end homelessness.” said CFH Client George Phipps. The new applicants will practice their new advocacy skills in an upcoming ‘Certified Advocate’ graduation.

Care for the Homeless’ new ‘Certified Advocates’ include:
                                     George Phipps
                                     Monica Sayers
                                     Brenda Turner
                                     Raymond West
Presentations featuring the Certified Advocates are available to interested groups by contacting Jeff Foreman in the Policy Office at 212-366-4459, ext. 206 or via email at

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