New Mobile Health Clinic to Reach 4,000 New Patients

The Mobile Health Clinic is almost ready for its red carpet debut at next week's Health, Care and Hope Gala

Thanks to the generous support of Direct Relief and the contributions of so many incredible donors like you, the program launches this summer. We're offering a sneak peak tour at this year's Gala. 

The Mobile Health Clinic helps Care for the Homeless grow in three ways: 
  1. Program Expansion - reaching over 4,000 new patients in the first five years
  2. Emergency Preparedness - increasing our capacity to join first responders in an emergency
  3. Innovative Services - reaching multiple locations every week, parking near busy shelters and soup kitchens where there is no space to build a clinic on site.
"The hallmark of a mobile health program is how nimbly it can respond. The Mobile Clinic is an efficient, cost-effective way to respond to emergencies, ensuring that equipment is not waiting in storage when catastrophe strikes.  Rather, in non-emergency times, the Mobile Clinic will be out in the community, providing an array of services to our clients, helping to ensure their physical and mental health," says Lizanne Fontaine, Care for the Homeless' Director of Health Services and a Member of the NYC Medical Reserve Corps.

In response to record need, Care for the Homeless is expanding our 30 locations this year, launching the new Mobile Health Clinic and opening two new Dental Clinics for homeless adults and children. We look forward to sharing more stories as the year progresses.

Want to be more involved? Come take a tour. Volunteer with us. Make a contribution to help us continue to grow. 

Thank you.

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