Got Medicaid? Your support ensures continuity of care.

Every year, Care for the Homeless serves over 8,000 homeless men, women and children. Last year, your contributions helped us provide critical care to over 3,000 uninsured clients. People experiencing homelessness face several barriers to being insured.  

Care for the Homeless provides critical medical, dental and mental health care, regardless of insurance coverage. Our commitment to providing care to those who need it most is unwavering. More than 35% of our clients are uninsured, and your support helps us serve the most vulnerable.  

We're often asked about the clients we serve and how the new Affordable Care Act will help the homeless in NYC and throughout the U.S. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, Care for the Homeless is increasing outreach and enrollment efforts. 

Medicaid enrollment can be life-changing for homeless individuals and families at risk of long-term homelessness. Hundreds of uninsured homeless New Yorkers received Medicaid cards through Care for the Homeless in the last few months, and we are working to enroll hundreds more. 

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