Your Invitation to Our Free Homeless Memorial Day Event

Housing is Health Care. You’ve heard the statistics before. And you can take it from the Care for the Homeless clinicians who treat people experiencing homelessness every day. 

But now we’re inviting you to join Care for the Homeless and our clients in remembering those who died this year without stable housing, and to talk about how we can end homelessness as we know it. 

The occasion is our Homeless Memorial Day program.
Homeless Memorial Day is traditionally observed on December 21st because that’s the longest, darkest night of the year. It’s a chance to memorialize many people who otherwise might not get any memorial at all; and a chance to join hands to work to fight, prevent and end homelessness.  That is what we’re all about.

Homeless Memorial Day was observed last year in at least 175 communities in the U.S. Thousands and thousands of Americans took time to participate.

Care for the Homeless Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day
Saturday, December 21, 2013
3:30 p.m. until about 6 p.m. 
New Song Church
2230 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (8th Avenue)
between 120th and 121st Street, in Harlem

The program includes live entertainment, music, food and a memorial including our wall of remembrance and the lighting of candles and tolling of a bell as the names are read of those who passed away without housing in New York City this year.  

Care for the Homeless clinicians and health providers will offer information and some services to those in attendance, and we’ve also lined up other groups who will be offering special informational and consumer services.

This isn’t just for Care for the Homeless clients and employees: it’s open to everyone who cares about people experiencing homelessness.

We especially invite all people who are homeless or struggling with housing, and anyone who wishes to remember or add the name of someone you lost in 2013 without stable housing. Anyone with a name can help memorialize that person. 

We hope you’ll join with us.

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