You can vote even without a permanent address!

Voting is a critical basic right for every American. Election day is one time during the year when every participating citizen gets an equal share of decision-making power, but you have to be registered to vote. The Care for the Homeless client Boards, our Consumer Advisory Board and our HIV Advisory Council will soon be sponsoring their annual nonpartisan voter registration drive – but right now we’re urging everyone to get registered.

In New York state the law (and a 1984 court decision) guarantees the right to vote to homeless people whether they live in a shelter, a hotel or on the streets. You don’t need a permanent house address, but you can list whatever address you are currently at so long as you have an address to receive your voter registration card at (that can be a shelter, drop in center or somewhere else).

Here are the additional requirements to register and vote:
·         Be a United States citizen
·         Be 18 years old by the date of the election to vote
·         Live at your registration location 30 days prior to the election to vote in that voting district
·         Not be in jail or on parole (people on probation can vote)

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