Health Educators use movies to talk about alcohol abuse

In April, The Health Education Department focused on Alcohol Awareness, Weight Management and Physical Activity.

Health Educator Gabriela Gonzales
Movies! Movies! Movies! were the method of choice for our Alcohol Awareness Campaign for both teens and adults. Health Educator Gabriela Gonzales screened “The Social Network” with her teen groups, encouraging discussion about responsible use of alcohol. At Susan’s Place, clients were treated to a 4 part movie series beginning with the movie “Flight." Care for the Homeless’ substance abuse counselor joined the Health Education team in leading discussion on alcohol and other substance
use, abuse and recovery.

At Susan’s Place and Peter Jay Sharp Center for Opportunity, the Health Educators got clients moving! The women of Susan’s Place were split into two groups, slow walkers and fast walkers. Each individual was given a pedometer and encouraged to walk in “The Tortoise vs. the Hare Walking Competition”. Each individual’s and group’s steps were tracked over a three week period. Who do you think won the race?

At Peter Jay, “The Biggest Loser” competition began. This ongoing promotion offers the clients weekly counseling sessions on weight management along with weekly weigh-ins. The goal? Educate clients on ways to drop unwanted weight in a healthy way that can b
e maintained for a lifetime and support their effort.

As always, The Health Education Team provided free HIV testing services to both our clients and members of the community. 112 tests were performed in April.

-Gillian Saunders, CFH Health Educator

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