Health Education’s Full February

The Care for the Homeless Health Education team is always busy, but in February, the team had three large-scale initiatives they implemented at many of our service sites. 

Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships
Workshops were delivered to:
       Increase understanding of teen dating abuse
       Identify and define roles of abuse
       Identify warning signs of an abusive partner
       Explore reasons why people stay in abusive relationships
       Increase help-seeking behavior among teens involved in abusive dating relationships
       Promote healthier approaches to dating relationships and conflicts
       Help teens understand their rights and responsibilities in a relationship.

HIV Awareness
Workshop delivered to:
       Define what HIV/ AIDS is
       Identify modes of transmission
       How to recognize the symptoms
       Explain prevention methods
       Explain treatment options
       Understand the HIV rapid testing method used

Healthy Heart Awareness
Workshop delivered to:
       Discuss basic heart anatomy, physiology and function
       Define common heart diseases
       Review risk factors for heart disease
       Reinforce heart disease prevention methods.
Screenings offered in the medical clinic for
       Blood pressure
       Blood glucose levels
       BMI and waist circumference
Screenings were followed up with individual counseling by medical providers and Health Educators.

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