The men of Wards Island need your help

--> -->At the HELP Supportive Employment Center on Wards Island, Care for the Homeless Medical Case Manager Anisha Perez-Miller works with homeless men. Most of these men have recently left prison to find themselves alone and without jobs. These men arrive with barely any belongings and are in need of the mental health counseling that Anisha can give them.

“I have an open door policy,” Anisha says. “I’m available. I see the men whether they’re coming out of prison or from Bellevue and I give them a needs assessment regarding mental health services. The men usually want psyche evaluations done and I link them up to one of our psychiatrists. I link them up to medical services, help them with their education about Medicaid and do supportive counseling.”

As she works with the men, Anisha has found that one way to engage the clients is through distributing toiletries and other personal care items as incentive for coming to meet with her. 

“It’s really very simple,” Anisha said. “If you’re on the train and on the street, if you see a homeless individual, you see them as dirty and disheveled. The men here know they don’t look good because they don’t have the clothes they need. If I can get these few incentives, I do believe that by having basic things like a new t-shirt, men can go to their appointments and beat the pavement to look for a job.”

Your support is needed to help the men of Wards Island gain the tools they need to get back on their feet. Your donation of new socks, T-shirts, deodorant and toothpaste can change the life of a man trying to get a job and get out of the shelter system.  

Sergio, a homeless man at the shelter, said having these personal care items and nicer clothing brings more than cleanliness. It brings confidence. 

“Having new clothes will make me presentable in front of people. That counts in an interview. If you go over there in raggedy clothes, you’re not going to get the job. My goal is to have my own place and a stable job. This will help me get there.”

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